Kanji tattoos

Friday, August 10, 2012

Failed tattoos : misspelled tattoos 2

The first part of this post can be read here: Failed tattoos - misspelled tattoos 1. And now, let's see another series of failed tattoos:

You're right, dude, the pain is temporary (or tempary, like you've said), but your tattoo is not
Failed tattoo - tough guy with a misspelled tattoo on the forearm

"To young to die / to fast to live". How about this one: "too illiterate to get a tattoo" - how does it sound?
Failed tattoo - misspelled tattoo

"Dance like noone is watching" - yeah, sure, dance like "noone" is watching and write like no one will ever read it
Failed tattoo - a girl with a misspelled tattoo on the foot

Who need a "guardian angel", anyway? A "gaurdian angel" is far more better than the old-fashioned "guardian angel"
Failed tattoo - misspelled tattoo: gaurdian angel

"a coment?" I'll leave a comment right here: "comment" is written with two “m” 's, not one
Failed tattoo - misspelled tattoo on the head